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Cancer Council
Daffodil Day Campaign


Every day over 350 Australians are diagnosed with cancer. By getting involved in Cancer Council’s Daffodil Day, communities help raise much-needed funds to go towards vital work in cancer research, support services, prevention programs and advocacy.

Daffodil Day has been a key fixture in the calendars of Australians since the 1980s. Given the maturity of the event, Cancer Council wanted to explore new ways to reinvigorate Daffodil Day by further building emotional connections with Australians.


We knew that 89% of Australians own a smartphone, and on average, Australians spend 34 hours and 55 minutes each month using their smartphones. Reaching Australians where they were already spending their time, on mobile, was critical to the campaign’s success.

Cancer Council planned to introduce ‘text to donate’ functionality for the first time in 2016. They were also introducing the new messaging ‘For Someone I Know’ around the Daffodil Day campaign. With this in mind, we designed and created a seamless and meaningful digital user journey to engage and connect with the target audience on mobile.

To deepen Australians emotional connection to Daffodil Day, donations could be dedicated. When a text donation was made, a URL was returned allowing people to dedicate their daffodil to someone they know who has been or is currently affected by cancer. Donations made online could also be dedicated. This new personalisation conveyed the daffodil as a sign of hope for those affected by cancer and created a strong link between the daffodil, the donation and the donor.

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Dedications helped to make the campaign relevant, with thousands of people pledging a personal dedication for the first time. Personal dedications were posted on digital and mobile platforms and were also syndicated live to digital outdoor panels across Australia, using geo-targeting to ensure the dedications were targeted within the state of the donor.
During the campaign, dedications were shared on Facebook and Twitter, organically creating a greater community for Daffodil Day and prompting even more messages of love and support.
On Daffodil Day, in the heart of Sydney’s CBD, Martin Place, dedications were live streamed onto a large digital installation, ensuring ‘For Someone I Know’ truly hit home.
The breadth of reach and emotional value meant the campaign succeeded in its objective to motivate the public to actively engage via SMS donation.

  • 2017 Technology Design Awards: Community Services – Silver

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