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The underpayment of young and migrant workers in Australia is a persistent problem. While most employers want to do the right thing, the Fair Work Ombudsman sees many examples of records that are either missing information or in some cases, deliberately misleading. This creates difficulties in determining whether workers are being paid their correct entitlements.

Many vulnerable employees working in lower-paid and lower-skilled jobs have no record of their hours worked. This makes it difficult to dispute discrepancies and recover missing entitlements.

Record keeping is critical. The Fair Work Ombudsman needed to make record keeping simple, accurate, and consistent for all employees across Australia.


The Fair Work Ombudsman teamed up with Ansible to create the Record My Hours App. The app is designed to improve the ability of workers to record their hours accurately and consistently.

Using smartphone features like Wi-Fi and GPS tracking, the Record My Hours App makes is it easy for workers to automatically record their hours of work and pass this information on to their employers or a representative (like the Fair Work Ombudsman) if there is an issue at work. It also provides a valuable back-up for workers when employers haven’t kept the right records.

The app has a range of other features such as the ability for an employee to add rosters to a calendar, receive notification reminders about upcoming shifts, and switch between different jobs or workplaces. The app also meets the needs of migrant workers – it is available in 12 different languages and detects where a user’s phone is set to one of the included languages and automatically communicates in that language.

fair work ombudsman FWO record my hours app


The Record My Hours App has proven to be an effective self-service tool that is driving the behavioural change needed to create and sustain a culture of compliance with workplace laws in Australia.

There have been a significant number of downloads and it is on track to be one of most popular Australian Government apps ever released. In the days following the app’s launch, it reached an audience of nearly two million people. Media outlets like SBS and regional radio have strongly promoted the app, helping the Fair Work Ombudsman to extend its reach to multicultural communities – a key target demographic for the app.

The Record My Hours App is an innovative solution that goes a long way in keeping workplaces fair for all Australian workers.


  • Winner: 2017 Technology Design Awards – Community Services , Gold
  • Winner: 2017 Technology Design Awards – Government Services, Silver
  • Winner: 2017 husITa Best Human Services App Award, Bronze

fair work ombudman record my hours app