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Neilsen’s Concrete
Vektor App


Neilsen’s Concrete is one of Australia’s largest independent concrete and quarry operators was facing efficiency problems.

The way drivers received their orders, loaded their trucks, located delivery destinations was very manual. Not only did this create confusion and waste valuable time, but it also put the concrete loads at risk, with possible rejection if they were late to site.

Paperwork was often not completed fully by the drivers, leaving Neilsen’s with poor proof of delivery and open to dispute as to what’s been completed and received on-site.



We utilised our proprietary Vektor solution to create a dynamic mobile and digital workflow, replacing the existing paper processes. By also integrating directly into ‘Jonel’, an existing concrete management system, Neilsen’s are now able to allocate jobs quickly, route to sites efficiently, track loads accurately and capture more data than ever before.

So rather than waiting around for their next job, drivers are alerted via tablet of their order, load station and the preferred route to take. Clients too are automatically contacted via SMS when trucks are loaded and on their way, whilst geo-fences automatically identify when trucks arrive on site.

Time and date stamps along with digital signatures for each delivery now means that disputed invoices are now a thing of the past.



The result is truly transformational, with each part of the business now in constant communication in real time and unnecessary delays and inefficiencies eliminated.

Now fully paperless and highly automated, Neilsen’s Vektor solution saves minutes per load as a minimum, increasing overall site load efficiency. With this improved efficiency, real savings have been felt across multiple process touch points and hundreds of hours per year in admin costs saved, resulting in direct improvements to the bottom line. From start to finish, the process has been transformed.