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Paranormal Activity 3
Rich Media Execution


Promote the release of the thriller Paranormal Activity 3 using a strategy beyond the ‘click to’ function, whilst continuing to build ticket purchase intent via mobile.




The rich media advertising execution was built to takeover the Yahoo! US mobile homepage with a fake headline. Whilst reading the ‘breaking news’ about a cellular breakdown, the user’s mobile screen then displayed a static connection before rolling into the Paranormal Activity 3 motion picture details and ticketing information.




This ground-breaking type of execution teased the ever-hungry mobile consumer by creating a new and engaging form to interact with. Enjoying an 8% click-through rate and 12 million impressions, it won Adweek’s 2012 Media Plan of the Year in the “Best Use of Mobile” category. The program helped to push Paranormal Activity 3 to the number one position at the US box office.