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Qantas QView


Qantas Club and Lounge research conducted by oOh media found a common complaint from members was that flight information was hard to see.

In particular, the wall displays were too small and too hard to find, the news and weather on these were relevant however most don’t use it because of the proximity challenges. There was also concern about getting to their flight on time, as there was a question of reliability of the boarding calls.

The general preference to access all this information was via mobile devices.


Working with oOh media and Qantas, Ansible revolutionised the in-lounge experience using sophisticated technology for mobile devices.

When members log onto free WiFi, enter their details or select their flight they are transported to a tailored news and content portal where their flight details are displayed front and centre.

This portal delivers personalised live flight updates via a constant banner at the top of the QView content portal screen. The information shown includes their boarding gate, time until boarding and how long it will take to walk to the gate. Other content updates dynamically based on their journey and interests, even displaying the weather at their destination.

QView features an app like gestural interface. Swiping through the content horizontally is as natural as reading a magazine. The advertising placements are also designed to deliver a fluid and harmonic story for brands seeking better and unique ways to connect with niche audiences on a large scale.


Every month over one million customers in the Qantas lounges enjoy 3.5 million pieces of tailored news and entertainment content, and receive dynamic updates on more than 21,000 domestic flights. The technology will soon be added to international legs and lounges around the world.

It has clearly set the benchmark for airline lounge customer experiences. As well as being impressed by such innovation from an airline, we’re sure more guests are getting to their gates on time and with smiles on their faces.