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SnapIt Smart App

SCF is one of Australia’s largest container providers with a fleet of more than 13,000 containers and a nationwide depot network. SCF are specialists in container hire, sales and design. As the SCF container fleet has expanded, the business has also out grown many of its day to day processes leading to a lack of efficiency and some operational challenges across the depot network.

Manual processes such as clipboards, paper forms and photos with digital cameras were utilised by SCF staff to capture information within key monitoring and management processes each time a container leaves or arrives on site.Once all of this information was collected, staff needed to duplicate the process by uploading data from paper forms and images from the digital cameras into SCF’s database.

With around 1000 containers being processed manually each month, SCF were plagued by simple human error, poor data quality and a lack of timely data impacting customer communication.

Ansible were engaged to analyse and re-engineer existing processes to improve detail, workflow and data capture efficiencies whilst digitally transforming the SCF business.

After a solution design phase, Ansible’s modular Snapit platform was customized and configured to suit a re-engineered SCF workflow, with seamless API integration into the existing ERP data platform.

The mobile based Snapit platform allows staff to easily photograph containers in-depot, capture relevant information, automatically time, date and geo stamp the information and dramatically improve the data quality of the container fleet. All whilst securely syncing with the existing ERP. For staff this also meant being able to quickly process container acceptances and releases to streamline containers arriving or leaving depots. The workflow now features a near real time flow of information with consistent and quality data.

scf app login and data capture screens

The average time it now takes to process each container move has improved by 50% saving over 80 hours per month and the detailed surveying of containers when they return from hire has improved by 50% minutes, saving a further 70 hours per month. In all it equates to over one full person in productivity gains as well as improving the quality and timeliness of information to customers and management.

The app unlocks gains and opportunities for the team as they now have all the fleet and container information at their fingertips while in the yard, not just in the office. The time saved is allowing employees to spend time on more productive activities such as dealing with customers, truck drivers and workshop maintenance.

SCF continues to see true transformation with the solution now rolled out across Australia and further opportunity to extend support to other depot functions and providing more information to support better decisions for in their depots.

scf app