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Välkommen App


Volvo Australia needed a strategy to maximise their V8 Supercar sponsorship via measurable KPIs. The aim was to change brand perceptions towards safety AND performance while generating as many new potential leads throughout the course of the V8 season. Watching the V8s is traditionally a passive experience for those in the stands or at home. We needed to put fans in the driver’s seat with an immersive new experience.




Ansible and Ensemble teamed up with Volvo to create the Välkommen by Volvo App, a second-screen experience that turned phones into the steering wheel of V8 driver Scott McLaughlin’s Volvo race car. Complex algorithms generated scores based on technique, skill, speed, power and timing, just like a real car. The App used Ansible’s global patented, interactive audio recognition technology, HARK™, creating a seamless second- screen experience. ‘Drivers’ used their phones to accelerate, brake, and tilt to steer in time with Scott’s lap video and every lap completed increased their chances of winning Scott’s company car, a V60 Polestar. Within the App you could see your score against other drivers and access exclusive videos and wallpaper downloads from Volvo and the V8 Supercars.



With little to no traditional paid media support, thousands played the Välkommen by Volvo App. The app reached users who were genuinely interested in playing and becoming engrossed in the Volvo performance experience. Across the season, over 85,000 practice laps were attempted and nearly 40,000 full laps of the Bathurst track were driven, with 85% of people attempting the course, completing the lap. The average time spent per session was over 17 minutes and users played the game more than 7 times! 90% of people opted in to communication with Volvo, smashing registration targets! Välkommen by Volvo helped shift brand perceptions from safety to safety AND performance like never before!