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Victorian Electoral Commission
Vote Victoria App


In November 2014, Victoria had approximately 3.8 million eligible voters. Of these, approximately 26% were between 18 and 34 years of age. People within this age bracket are less likely to participate in elections for a range of reasons.

Ansible’s objective was to encourage and engage this age group to get them involved in the electoral process and fulfil their democratic duty.


We created an app that would leverage a channel highly resonant with today’s youth – mobile.

The application is a one view app. Architecturally very simple, but highly contextual. The user could quickly access details on everything they needed to know through areas of the app like: Find My District, Find Voting Centres and See Results. A voting centre map and animated data visualisation gave users accessibility information, opening hours, directions and even a how to vote video.

On election night users had the ability to monitor votes as they were being counted. They were able to follow individual districts, track current totals for the state and share results with friends and followers via Facebook and Twitter.




The Vote Victoria app was a resounding success. Downloads of our app tripled those of the previous election’s app and average usage increased 1,000% to over 30 minutes.
Our estimates indicate it reached over half of the 18-24 year old population in Victoria, with an average 5 star rating by those who used it.


  • 2015 Australian App Design Awards: Education Technology – Gold
  • 2015 Australian App Design Awards: Community – Silver
  • 2015 Australian App Design Awards: Government Services – Silver