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Need to build an app for Amazon Echo or an immersive virtual reality experience and don’t know where to start?

The IPG Lab is our New York based team made up of marketers, engineers and creative talent at the forefront of cutting edge technology. The lab team’s single focus is to find new ways to solve business challenges by applying the latest emerging technologies and implementing them in the real world. As part of our team in NY, only Ansible Australia has exclusive and direct access to the lab team and technology experience.

Technology Scouting & Partnerships

From CES to SXSW, where there is new technology, you’ll find the lab team assessing its capabilities and how it can be utilised. Our team works directly with startups, software providers, hardware manufacturers and engineers to better understand a product, its roadmap and how it can be used to solve client’s challenges today. Every year, the Lab reviews over 100 new startups, technologies and products, evaluating them on their effectiveness and ability to deliver on promises through the eyes of brands.

Innovation Consulting

As part of our strategy and consultation service, Ansible can tap into the lab’s innovation expertise to better identify client’s challenges, and determine how best to use a wide range of innovative new and emerging technologies that the lab review and analyses each year, to solve these business challenges.



The lab’s strategy team produces groundbreaking trends reports and analysis on key happenings in the technology industry. Every day the latest technology news is dissected, critiqued and tailored for individual clients. Access to these reports and content is exclusively available through Ansible upon request.


Product Development

The years of experience the lab have building groundbreaking prototypes and first to market campaigns are directly leveraged in emerging technology solutions built in Australia. Our Australian team of developers and engineers form part of the global Lab development network. This ensures that all local solutions are influenced by the innovative work that the lab delivers.