Did you know…

In 2015, Apple sold 30 million new iPhones that had 4-inch screens. 30 million! There are some smartphone vendors that don’t even ship 30 million total units in a year.

In Summary: The iPhone SE is a new 4-inch phone that looks like the iPhone 5s but under the hood has the power and utility of an iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.


  • Apparently, size does matter….
  • The iPhone SE is smaller (at 4 inches) and is definitely a draw card
  • It fits comfortably in any small or average-sized hand.
  • Size is what sets the new iPhone SE apart from the rest of Apple’s line-up as well as most Android phones.
  • Even mid-range Android handsets are fairly large these days.


  • $399? Nope, sorry, move across the shore for this price
  • The AU price tag $679 (16GB), which is still far cheaper than buying an iPhone 6s out of the box, which starts at $1079.


  • It has most of the super specs as the 6s (so the above price tag is looking pretty good)
  • It has the superior 12-megapixel camera that lets us shoot “Live Photos.”
  • HD 4K video
  • Apple Pay, for Apple’s mobile payments
  • Wifi capabilities
  • Plus the ability to summon Siri with an out loud “Hey Siri” command


  • Reported to be faster, more powerful, speeds that are twice as fast as the iPhone 5s
  • And apparently better battery life due to the more powerful A9 chip
  • Apple promises: 14 hours talk time, 10 days standby time, 12 hours of 3G Internet/13 hours on LTE/13 hours on Wi-Fi, 13 hours of video playback, 50 hours of audio playback
  • The graphics performance is also reported to be the same as the 6s

The look:

  • Space grey, silver, gold and rose gold.

New from the new iOS 9.3 software:

  • Something everybody is talking about: The Night Shift. It changes the colour temperature of the screen to remove much of the blue light it emits. Why? Because blue light strains your eyes in the dark, and because most of fall asleep with the phone buried in our face, removing the blue light is designed to help improve sleep quality. Night Shift is accessible in Settings > Display and Brightness, where users can set a schedule to enable and disable it automatically each day. It can also be enabled and disabled manually from the Control Panel.
  • Assistance with Wifi assist: Wi-Fi Assist is an iOS 9 feature that forces the phone to switch to cellular data when Wi-Fi signals are weak. Which was sometimes eating into data plans because it would constantly disconnect from Wi-Fi. With iOS 9.3, we can now see exactly how much data has been used as a result of the Wi-Fi Assist feature by visiting Settings > Wi-Fi and scrolling down to the bottom of the screen.
  • A brighter selfie camera light
  • Apple News now suggests trending topics and editor’s picks. Its new algorithm will show you tailored content Apple thinks you’ll enjoy more. Videos will play directly in a feed, and the news itself will update faster.
  • CarPlay has a range of improved features, including nearby facilities in Maps and added song suggestions for music
  • The Health app is now compatible with the Apple Watch, so it will also show your ring goals from the watch. It can also track and recommend third-party apps for fitness, weight management and so on.

The not so good..

  • It doesn’t have a 3D touch screen (one of our favourite features of the 3D sensor is previewing messages and emails without ‘reading’ them).
  • But it still has the Touch ID fingerprint sensor for unlocking it and authenticating purchases in apps and through Apple Pay
  • It is also the only iPhone that doesn’t have a barometer, which is used to track flights of stairs climbed among other things.
  • No Display Zoom, which the larger iPhones have as an option to make things appear larger and easier to see


The iPhone SE will be up for pre-order on 23rd March  (which is 24th March for AU) and will be released next week on 31st March.

The only thing we don’t know: what SE actually stands for? Anybody guess?

In the same launch, Apple introduced:

  • A smaller iPad Pro in rose gold  (9.7-inch,  weighs less than 500 grams and starts at $899 for 32GB) and,
  • The Apple Watch Is now Cheaper, and has new bands
  • @ only $429
  • Coloured nylon straps, a black Milanese Loop strap and new Hermès Apple Watch strap colours you know…

By Kristy Manson – Client Services Director