Ansible partnered with the Queensland Fire and Emergency Service (QFES) to launch phase two of their Electronic Incident Action Planning tool (eIAP) and this month, will launch the same upgrade for the Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Board Melbourne (MFB). The eIAP is an integrated web- and iPad-based system used by QFES and MFB to manage major disaster incidents including cyclone, flood, and fires.

This launch represents the culmination of a highly collaborative partnership over the proceeding two years. Phase two gave the system a huge technical refresh and feature enhancement program. Ansible delivered a re-architecture and flexible data interface, enabling integration of additional MFB and QFES data sources as well as other agencies into an evolved solution.

Ansible has taken a strong commitment to partnership with QFES and MFB and has aided in designing and developing a series of major feature and service enhancements to eIAP that were never contemplated in the original project

Through the partnership, Ansible has built an outstanding reputation within both organisations for¬†willingness to invest time and effort to understand the organisation’s challenges. Ansible worked with QFES and MFB to identify issues in managing assets, coordinating emergency responses, aggregating and disseminating information, and providing real-time critical information to in-field personnel and to management reporting chains through to Government.

Case study to come. In the meantime, check out the case study for our QFES IncSnap App.