IPG Mediabrands has acquired Australia’s leading full-service mobile solutions company Mnet Mobile, effective 1st February 2013.

Mnet is a specialist mobile communications business that provides mobile marketing solutions including strategy consulting, applications and website development, marketing services, content creation and aggregation. Mnet also provides enterprise solutions for corporates wanting to leverage mobile within their operations.

Henry Tajer, executive chairman of IPG Mediabrands Australia, said the Mnet acquisition would provide the group with access to world-class skills in mobile communications, which would be seamlessly integrated within the group’s communications services to clients.

“Mobile is changing the media landscape at local and global levels more rapidly than we have seen with other digital channels,” said Tajer. “The principal reason for this is the role mobile devices are playing in consumer purchasing decisions. People will increasingly use mobile devices to receive communications around their favourite products, research others, check product or service reviews, compare prices, and in the near future make purchases without the use of cash. The dynamics of consumers’ paths-to-purchase will change significantly in the near future and Mnet will have a central role in how our clients gain advantages within these new dynamics.”

A recent Gartner report predicted that worldwide mobile advertising revenue would increase 16% from $9.8 billion in 2012 to $11 billion in 2013, then more than double to $24 billion by 2016 with Asia Pacific leading the way because of higher mobile adoption rates in the region.

Tajer said the mobile ad growth statistics reinforced the potential for mobile communications and the need for IPG Mediabrands to be investing in this capability to continue to provide clients with future proof communications solutions. He said Mnet’s integration across IPG Mediabrands clients could help expand industry understanding of the capabilities of mobile and its enormous potential.

From 1 February Mnet will be part of IPG Mediabrands Australia. Mnet was founded in 2001 and now has 40 employees in five offices – Los Angeles, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide. The businesses’ clients are across the media, enterprise and government sectors.

“Mobile innovation is critical to every future facing business,” said Mnet CEO Bob Humphreys. “We are excited to become part of IPG Mediabrands as we see great opportunities to grow and evolve through the group’s ownership and integration. Our capabilities complement the existing businesses within the group and their integration model ensures we will add value to existing and new clients.”

IPG Mediabrands Australia (http://mediabrands.com.au/) is a full-service marketing communications group with divisions specialising in major media communications, intelligence and investment services, search and social media, analytics, above-the-line creative, branded entertainment, barter and online performance. Major clients include The Australian Federal Government, Wesfarmers Group, Hyundai , Microsoft and Kia.