In a world first, Kia and its communications partners – mobile solutions agency Mnet, media agency Initiative and Innocean Worldwide – have collaborated to create an interactive mobile game that allows people to return a high-speed tennis serve live from their TV, PC and digital outdoor panels. Using their smart phone as a racquet, players have the chance to return a serve from the world’s fastest server (263kph).

Designed to maximise viewer engagement for Kia’s sponsorship of next week’s Australian Open, the ‘Game On’ App ( will be supported by a campaign consisting of six 30 second TV ads delivering six different serves, an online practice court, digital outdoor and activations.

Tony Barlow, Chief Operating Officer of Kia commented, “Kia’s partnership with the Australian Open Tennis provides us massive reach to a passionate audience to promote our great range of cars. The ‘Game On’ App will really enhance consumer enjoyment of the Tennis at home in a way that has never been done before. And of course, such an innovative and technologically advanced idea matches perfectly with Kia’s core brand values.”

Travis Johnson, CEO of Mnet said, “When you watch the tennis from home you can’t imagine the power of the players’ serves. We’re giving everyone the chance to feel the pressure and react as the ball zips past. The App syncs with the on-screen serve using audio fingerprint triggers, and the accelerometer to determine the accuracy of the user’s swing in a way similar to gaming consoles, but playable by anyone with an iPhone or Android smartphone.”

The Kia “Game On” App launches this week and ends with the Australian Open Men’s Final on January 26th.