Mnet strives to remain proactive with mobile measurement, ensuring that we are market leading, and as a result, driving the best possible results for our clients.

Recently in a mobile measurement partner audit, our Sydney implementation team led an investigation into Sizmek’s newly released MRAID tags (tags used for app inventory), in this audit we found a discrepancy on how Sizmek was measuring an impression which was not aligned with the IAB guidelines.

What was the issue and how did we discover it?

Sizmek released a new version of their MRAID tags in late 2015 – MRAID tags are used for any ads delivered within apps. A routine impression discrepancy investigation revealed that Sizmek’s newly released MRAID ad tags were not firing the ‘served impression’ pixel until the MRAID tag told Sizmek the ad was viewable.

Sizmek has two distinct impression metrics – ‘served’ and ‘viewable’. As such, only firing the served impression pixel when the ad was viewable was both incorrect, misleading and not aligned with the IAB guidelines.

How did we fix it and what steps were taken?

We set up the advert in a local environment and interrogated the HTTP activity using a proxy tool called Fiddler. We identified the Sizmek served impression pixel and tested different scenarios, monitoring when it was fired within app environments.

Through our analysis, we identified that the pixel was only being fired when the advert was in view on the page (viewable). The issue was escalated through three different tiers of Sizmek Support. Despite initial protests from Sizmek’s R&D team that this was the correct and expected functionality, Mnet and its partner were able to push for reconsideration.

What was the overall outcome and what does this mean for our campaigns?

As a result of our investigation, Sizmek globally released an update to their MRAID tags on April 5th, so that the ‘served impression’ pixel now fires when the creative loads, rather than when it is viewed – the newly released MRAID tags now are aligned with the IAB guidelines.

The benefit of this is twofold:

1. Discrepancies between Sizmek and publisher impression figures will be reduced on MRAID tags
2. The integrity of these two distinct and separate metrics (‘served’ and ‘viewable’) has been restored

* Please note: Mnet wholeheartedly agrees that non-viewable impressions should be counted as such, and supports the transition towards accurately measuring and transacting on viewable impressions on mobile. However, it is vital that metrics that are measuring viewability are labelled as such, to avoid any ambiguity in market.

By Blake Moseley– Technology & Implementation Manager