The newly announced hackathon will take place in Sydney from December 6-8.

Only 20 teams will be accepted for the mobile development competition which offers unprecedented cash prizes for the top three placements; $10,000, $2,500 and $1,000. Teams will have one weekend to produce the best mobile application possible and the winning solution profiled to an audience of millions through various editorial channels.

Speaking to Gizmodo exclusively Travis Johnson, CEO of Mnet Mobile, commented, “We wanted to demonstrate our support for the Australian mobile development community in a very tangible way and host the type of event our own developers would like to see”.

The Hackathon, called BYOC (Bring Your Own Code) will be held during the first weekend in December at a venue hosted by Mnet Mobile, however all teams will break at midnight each night and then return in the morning. “We considered the standard 24-hour no sleep event, but decided to extend the competition over a weekend to ensure the teams have time to really explore their creative and technical abilities,” said Johnson.

Asked if the developers would be given a strict brief for coding Johnson replied, “The theme is top secret and will be announced at the start of the competition, but it is broad with a lot of room for interpretation. We are looking forward to seeing the diverse creative directions taken as much as the different mobile technologies used. Each team will create one app based on the theme and will be allowed to code for any operating system they choose. Mnet Mobile’s development staff are experts in all platforms and will be on hand with an abundance of mobile devices for the competitors to use and explore the possibilities.”

A panel of judges will vote on the entries during the closing Sunday afternoon and the winners will be announced that day. “We have also received great early support from like-minded organisations who want to be a part of this and are encouraged that partners such as MediaMind, Gizmodo and Lifehacker are on board. We hope to confirm further partners in the coming weeks.”

“BYOC Sydney is the first event of this kind we will be hosting, but we are planning on extending these to other cities,” said Johnson. “It is our aim to create a positive, competitive atmosphere that will uncover first-rate talent. Mobile technology in particular is advancing at an incredibly fast rate, and we want to make sure we are staying at the forefront of cutting edge concepts.”

BYOC is now accepting applications, to express interest go to: