Xplore, the world’s most extensive mobile platform for interactive engagement between location-based businesses and their consumers, is launching this week in Australia.

Xplore is an end-to-end platform that enables businesses to create and deliver highly engaging, location-based mobile experiences for consumers.

The new platform has been developed by San Francisco-based technology business Phigital Inc, which has selected Australia’s most awarded mobile solutions company, Mnet, as its Australian launch and distribution partner.

Xplore is ideal for venues (such as bars and restaurants), travel and tourism businesses, retailers, and creators of large-scale events (including sports, concerts, festivals and shows). These businesses are able to launch and manage iOS, Android and web experiences for their locations using a variety of cutting-edge platform tools. Using the platform, businesses are able to encourage consumer interaction and deepen their engagement with real-world events and locations.

“In the past, budget and development time meant many brands couldn’t utilise mobile effectively for events and physical location experiences,” said Travis Johnson, CEO of Mnet. “Xplore is a big leap forward for brands looking to connect with consumers on-location in a highly engaging and cost effective way.

“Xplore enables brands to understand exactly who their consumers are, what they’re interested in, where they are, what they do, and can connect with them beyond their on-location interactions,” Johnson explains. “Full analytics and integration into third party systems such as loyalty programs or CRM make Xplore both a viable short and long-term option for brands”.

The Xplore platform is very flexible and powers standalone Apps, works as an SDK in a client’s existing App or by integrating into desktop and mobile websites. At the touch of a button in the intuitive CMS, all platforms are updated natively without needing to issue a new release of the App.

Paul Cheng, CEO and co-founder of Phigital, said; “After developing and optimising the platform over the past two years we are seeing great success with clients in the USA and wanted to look for innovative partners to represent the technology in overseas markets. We chose Mnet for Australia based on their fantastic client portfolio and extensive technology capabilities. We understand Mnet is already underway in discussions with major tourism bodies, sporting organisations and retail companies which is a positive sign”.

Xplore has a variety of cost-effective pricing solutions and is available now: www.goXplore.com.au

About Mnet

Mnet is Asia-Pacific’s most awarded, full-service mobile solutions and communications business. A national team of 60 mobile and technology specialists thrive in a high-performance culture that values innovation, collaboration, and curiosity. Above all else, we value our relationships with clients and the exceptional results we consistently deliver across 5 core business pillars: Marketing Solutions, Content and Commerce, Competitions and Promotions, Media & Analytics and Enterprise solutions. Mnet is a division of IPG Mediabrands, Australia’s fastest growing media communications group. For more information on Mnet, please visit www.ansibleww.com.au

About Phigital

Phigital Inc. is a global technology company with offices in San Francisco, New York, and Athens. The founding team has significant experience in Mobile, Ad Tech, Telecommunications, and Travel & Entertainment. Phigital has developed its patent-pending platform to help brands use mobile to orchestrate engaging consumer experiences at scale. For more information on Phigital Inc, please visit www.gophigital.com