In Part 1 of our “Everything you need to know about running a competition in Australia” series, we discussed when running a competition might be beneficial to your business. A major goal of any business is to attract new customers and further engage current customers.  Offering people a chance to win something is the perfect way to do this. We also looked at game of skill vs. game of chance and the pros and cons of each type of competition. The next thing to figure out is how will people enter? Which entry mechanic makes the most sense for your customers?

There are a number of ways to invite people to enter your competition. They can pick up flyers and fill them out in-store, pop onto your website or Facebook page (which works well for Games of Skill – ie tell us in 25 words why you LOVE …), and there is entry via SMS, IVR and Smartphone.

SMS, IVR and Smartphone entries can be charged at $0.55, helping to offset telecommunications costs, set up costs, and running costs of competitions.  You will often see these on television show competitions. The ubiquity of mobile phones means entering via these “mechanics”, as we call them, are an attractive and easy option for your audience.


As the name suggests, entries can be submitted via SMS.   We all know what standard SMS is (it’s what we use to text our friends and colleagues), but let’s talk about Premium SMS.  Premium SMS allows you to set the charge for each text (each competition entry) at $0.55.  Entry can be less than that, but the maximum is $0.55. The luxury of Premium SMS is the ability to use shortcodes – 6 digital or 8 digital phone numbers – which might enhance or reinforce your brand.  You will often see SMS competitions on television.

Your audience needs to call their carrier (their telecommunications company) to enable Premium Numbers on their mobile phone to be able to enter via Premium SMS, it is often a good idea to mention this either in your Terms and Conditions or the Frequently Asked Questions area of your website to help your audience enter.

Your website or advertisement needs to be clear about what information your audience needs to place in their text in order to be an eligible entrant.  This information also needs to be clear in your Terms and Conditions.


Interactive Voice Recognition or 1902 numbers can be used to accept entries.  These numbers are charged at $0.55 per call and allow a variety of entry options:

  1. Straight entry which introduces the caller to the competition and asks them to leave a code word (for instance) and/or their name and contact details.
  2. Interactive Vote which allows entrants to vote for their favourite act or product (ie dial 1 for Fred; dial 2 for Mary).
  3. A straight poll which allows entrants to dial the IVR number and hear “Thanks for Voting Yes in our Poll” or allow your contestant to record their “Thanks for Voting for Me” message. The entrant does not leave any message or details, it is a straight vote count of the numbers of callers dialling in.  This option is used for a variety of contestant voting services and polls.

Mobile Entry

MobileEntry allows your audience to visit a smartphone-friendly web page, enter their contact details and make their vote. These sites have the luxury of allowing full client branding, and even allowing sponsor banner advertising on screen, which is a real added bonus to your sponsors.

These votes or entries are charged at the $0.55 per entry rate, the same as SMS and IVR.  But even better than that, Ansible has set up a discount system for people who would like to vote in bulk via MobileEntry. They can pay $0.55 for one entry, but have the option if they are really keen, to enter up to 20 times for a discounted rate.

Each of these Entry Mechanics needs to be clearly described in your Terms and Conditions, for instance, you’ll need to include the phone number or smartphone site address, the cost of entry, and the required information to be eligible for the draw.

Any questions about Entry Mechanics and how to use them can be directed to Ansible, we’re always happy to help.

For more detailed information please contact Ansible.

Hayley von Giese – – 02 8373 2241

Ruth Conry –  – 08 7223 6550

Stacy Owens – – 08 7223 6550

Coming Soon – Everything you need to know about… Writing great competition Terms and Conditions.