And it’s May! Somehow we are almost halfway through 2016. There is no better time to re-evaluate forgotten New Year’s resolutions and get back on track for the rest of the year. As a business focused on how mobile can make life easier, we are constantly testing everything the app stores have to offer. Here are our top 10 productivity apps right now.

1. 30/30

Do you have trouble sticking to one task? Join the club. 30/30 is a task timer that allows you to create a customizable task list with labels, time, icons and colours, all with a gesture based interface. Focus on one task for 30 minutes, break for 30 minutes and repeat or customize task times based on your to-do list.

2. Momentum

It takes 21 days to build a habit, but just getting through these 21 days is a major challenge in itself. Build good habits by tracking daily progress on your phone or apple watch. Reminders, badges, flexible scheduling make it simple and-and streaks motivate you to keep going.

3. 1Password

Never tap ‘forgot password’ again. This app creates a secure password for your various accounts and then remembers them so you don’t have to. Save time digging around your notes for passwords you’ve scribbled down and login to apps with one click from now on.

4. eWallet

Store all of your important information here for easy access, including copies of your license, passports, bank accounts and passwords. It’s encrypted and accessible only by you. Voila! All of your information safe in one place, accessible at any time!

5. Feedly 

Staying up to date on the latest news is key to success but surfing the web for valuable news can be incredibly time-consuming. Feedly lets you choose your favourite news from your favourite sites and continually collates a feed of your favourite news. Cut down the time it takes to stay relevant dramatically.

6. Elevate

What if you could boost productivity, earning power and self-confidence – all with an app? With Elevate you can. Train your brain to improve focus, speaking abilities, processing speed, memory, math skills, and more with a personalised training program adjusted over time for best results.

7. Photomath

Take a photo of a math problem, and the app does the rest. The smart camera calculator not only solves the problem but lays out exactly to solve it on your own. Never struggle with dividing the restaurant bill again.

8. Scannable by Evernote

If you aren’t already using Evernote, download it immediately and your productivity will increase instantly. But for those who already have it, this is a must have extension. Scan contracts, receipts, business cards and any paper using your camera, the app intelligently pulls information directly from the scan and saves contact information to your phone. You can also share via notes, Google Drive, Outlook and more.

9. Charlie

En route to a meeting? Type in the names of the people you are meeting with and the app will pull in information from different sources to give you all the basic facts, mutual connections, and professional background to make your meeting run as smoothly as possible. This isn’t a new concept, but this is the first app we’ve seen do it well.

10. Headspace

Meditation reduces stress, aids in restful sleep and increases creativity, focus, and productivity. Many people struggle with learning how to meditate. These guided exercises make all the difference and in app form, you can meditate wherever you go!

By Maddie Wirthman– Client Solutions Manager, Ansible