Our second annual wearables and mobile report is finally here. Over the past 12 months, mobile and related technologies saw significant growth in popularity, not only as a way for businesses to connect with consumers but as a way for businesses to solve their own internal challenges.

In the report, we dive into wearables for consumers and businesses, emerging mobile technologies such as VR, AR and 360-video, mobile payments, and online security concerns.

A key highlight was that this year’s report found that 96% of Australians have heard of a wearable device. And, use of, ownership, and intention to purchase wearables have all greatly increased. Technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality and 360-videos have also seen spikes.

Consumers are transacting on mobile devices more than ever before, with purchases made both directly online on mobile devices and through tap to pay have seen growth across the board. We dive into what this means for marketers and our predictions for coming years.

Read the Full Wearables & Mobile Report here.