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Products and Technology Platforms


Products & Technology Platforms



Vektor is a highly customisable workflow management tool deployable to Android, iOS or Windows devices. The front end tool is supported by a highly extensible back-end server incorporating business logic, data aggregation and integration to client line-of-business systems. The Vektor solution was initially designed to support emergency services vehicle dispatch in a Mobile Data Computing application solution, and has been further developed into a customisable workflow management variant, with live examples across building, logistics and telecommunications sectors.



Snapit allows a mobile workforce or consumer base to capture information in various forms (written document, photo, video, live stream) via branded Android/iOS apps, and submit it securely to an integrated content management system (CMS) which allows the company to react to this information and deploy the adequate response. SnapIt deployments are currently utilised by various Australian emergency services, media and transport organisations.


HARK is Ansible’s globally patented ‘second screen’ technology which combines a number of native features of a smartphone to enable a user to interact with a second screen (eg, a TV). Over the past two years, Hark Technology has enabled millions of consumers to play tennis against their TV, race a V8 Supercar around Bathurst, or dig holes in their lounge room floor against contestants on a TV show. HARK has won over 30 global awards for innovation, and we have a number of instances of HARK ready to deploy for clients…. Will your brand be next?


Since 2001, Ansible has continually invested in an Advanced Competitions Engine called ‘ACE’. ACE is a technology platform that facilitates over 50,000,000 competition entries, TV show votes and mobile transactions annually, generating significant revenues for our clients. Supported by a competitions, promotions, and customer support team, ACE facilitates high volume entries and voting via SMS, IVR, web and in app – providing a unique engagement platform for brands.